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      What is a Short sale

      Why a short sale is better than a foreclosure

      How we can help you!

      What are my options

      How to complete a short sale

      Underwater on your home in San Diego?

      A NO-COST short sale may be solution for you.

      Avoid foreclosures and move on with your life. Learn more about how to Short Sale your home.

      After a short sale you may be eligible to buy a home in as little as 2 years! Foreclosures and bankruptcy can affect your ability to buy a home for as many as 7-10 years!

      Banks will sometimes offer a onetime payment for relocation assistance of $1-10,000.

      Can I Short sale my home for less than I owe without paying any additional of pocket expenses?

      Yes, that’s the goal. After we receive an offer on your home, we will negotiate with the banks to accept a SHORT payment. The lender must agree to this, but it would be in the lender and your best interest to go through the short sale process.

      Get cash offer

      Normally when you sell your property, you the owner will realize all gains $, and also be responsible for any losses occurred if the property went down in value. A successful short sale allows homeowners who owe more money on their mortgage than their property is worth to sell their property at a loss without having to pay the difference or any fees ( realtor, repairs, escrow, title).

      But why would a bank agree to this? When you prove to a lender that you have a financial hardship and are behind on your monthly payment, banks will look at it as a purely financial decision. They can avoid a costly foreclosure process, get a portion of their loan repaid and write off the losses. If the market is in a down turn, the sale could save them thousands of dollars down the line if they do not sell now.

      The success or failure of a short sale can be the difference between tens of thousands of dollars for the home owner. Hiring the right Real Estate agent, who is well versed in the process is a logical and important decision to make. An experience agent will also make the process smoother for all parties (Including the Bank/ Lender) and less stressful for the home owner during a difficult time.

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